Course 3: OHEP($160)

Course 2: CRFSC($150)

Course 1: CFSC($190)

Courses 1, 2 & 3: ($490)

Courses 1 & 3: ($350)

One Stop Program

Courses 2 & 3: ($300)

Courses 1 & 2: ($330)

Step 1: Course Selection
Please see the current listed course(s) below in the drop down menus and then select the appropriate (Buy Now button)  you wish to attend. Please note that you must select the CFSC in your registration process or have already completed the CFSC in order to register for the CRFSC and/or the OHEP.


Course 1: Canadian Firearms Safety Course:

  • Course 1b-  CFSC  Jan 23rd 2021  730am to 530pm ****FULL****
  • Course 1c-  CFSC  Jan 24th 20201 730am to 530pm ***FULL***
  • Course 1e-  CFSC  Feb 6th 2021 730am to 530pm ***FULL***
  • Course 1f-   CFSC  Feb 20th 2021  730am to 530pm****FULL****
  • Course 1g-  CFSC  March 13th 2021 730am to 530pm***FULL***
  • Course 1h-  CFSC  March 20th 2021 730am to 530pm****FULL***
  • Course 1i-    CFSC April 17th 2021 730am to 530pm****FULL***
  • Course 1i-    CFSC May 8th 2021 730am to 530pm****FULL****
  • Course 1i-    CFSC May 15th 2021 730am to 530pm****FULL***

Course 2: Canadian Restricted Firearm Safety Course

  • Course 2a- CRFSC    
  • Course 2b- CRFSC   Dec 6th 2020 8am to 2pm *****FULL***
  • Course 2d- CRFSC   Feb 7th 2021 8am to 2pm ****FULL***
  • Course 2e-  CRFSC   March 14th 2021 8am to 2pm***FULL***
  • Course 2e-  CRFSC   March 21st 2021 8am to 2pm****FULL****
  • Course 2e-  CRFSC   May 16th 2021 8am to 2pm****FULL****

Course 3: Ontario Hunters Education Program 

  • Course 3a- OHEP   Feb 21st 2021 8am to 6pm****FULL****
  • Course 3b- OHEP   April 18th 2021 8am to 6pm****full****

Step 2: Personal details
Send an email accompanying payment with the following information:
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Home Telephone Number
  • Other Telephone Number
  • Email
  • What course (s) you wish to take


One of the following identification types must be brought and presented to the instructors on the day of your course

  • Driver's License
  • Passport
  • Canadian Citizenship Card

Step 3: Payment

Full payment is required in order to secure your course(s) selected above. You are registered for your course(s) upon payment and a CONFIRMATION EMAIL provided to you indicating that you have completed this process. (Confirmation emails may be sent within 2 business days of completing this process).

Payment Options
eTransfer your payment to OR PayPal (Click on "Buy Now" to use PayPal. You are not required to have a PayPal account to use this option and can pay by credit card or debit).

Cancellation Policy

NO REFUNDS WILL BE PROVIDED TO PERSONS FAILING TO ATTEND ON THEIR SELECTED COURSE DATES WITHOUT PROPER NOTIFICATION TO DUFFERIN COUNTY FIREARM COURSES. Refunds will ONLY be provided with proper notification by email or telephone within 3 days of your scheduled course.


Now that you have made or arranged for payment of your above selection(s).  If you wish to make changes to your information, course(s) or exam(s) selection(s), please notify us immediately by telephone or email.